Salmon Fishing the West Coast of Vancouver Island

Salmon and Halibut Sportfishing (SHS) offers every angler the opportunity to fish the majestic waters of Vancouver Islands West Coast and Pacific Rim. Based out of Ucluelet, the heart of the Pacific Rim, Salmon and Halibut Sportfishing (SHS) puts you in the captains chair, offering at every level a hands on fishing adventure of a lifetime. Simply put there is no other fishing destination that is so easily accessible that offers the angler of any ability, the opportunity to catch world class Chinook Salmon, brilliant chrome Coho Salmon, or the giant of the deep, Pacific Halibut.

At SHS we do our best to ensure every guest has the absolute best fishing experience possible, if there is something you require while on your fishing adventure we will do everything possible to make it happen. We pride ourselves on making each fishing adventure better than the last, our guests have fished all over the world including Alaska and the Charlottes (Haida Gwaii), yet they keep returning to the quaint fishing village of Ucluelet, why you ask, the answers are simple:

1. World Class Fishing (Chinook Salmon and lots of them, Coho, and Halibut Too) 2. The Best Gear Available (Islander Reels, Shimano Tiagra Reels, Shimano Rods) 3. Top of the line Fishing Vessels, Proline and Grady White 4. Experience, each guide has a minimum of a thousand guided trips under his belt (we have been working with the same guides since season one) 5. We Guarantee it, if you ever don't catch Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, or Pacific Halibut, that day of fishing is free. (Over the past 12 fishing seasons its only happened once)

Please take the time to check out all the great fishing information available thru ought the rest of our site, and browse thru our rates and specials page to check out our pre season and in season booking specials. We look forward to making SHS in Ucluelet your next salmon fishing and halibut fishing destination.

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2013 Season was even better than 2012! Book now for 2014 at 2013 prices till December!

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Do you want to catch more fish?

Of course you want to catch more fish, every fisherman does! We can help you catch higher numbers of fish every day. First it doesn't matter if you are guiding, sport fishing or commercial fishing, regardless of what species you are targeting, Salmon, Halibut, Bass, or Tarpon, it doesn't matter the species, you must have razor sharp hooks!

It is the single easiest thing to do while you are fishing and probably the most overlooked. How many anglers out there fire out a fishing lure right out of the box expecting the hook to be sharp? The next time you go salmon fishing pick yourself up a good fishing file, available at any tackle shop, I prefer the diamond files as they don’t rust, and file your hooks until they are razor, or sticky sharp, and I guarantee you will hook up more fish. Remember that your hook is the first and only contact point you have with your targeted species, it feels a little more important when you look at it that way, and good luck fishing!